Blueprint for progress

Today, our work begins.

Make no mistake: the challenges we face have been decades in the making, and the problems we set out to address will not be solved overnight.

So today, we must recommit ourselves to the progressive change we fought hard for, and keep working -- together -- to build one city.

As we set forth, I am proud to introduce this phase of our journey:

Transition NYC is a collaborative effort of hundreds of New Yorkers from all boroughs coming together to bring change to City Hall.

This website is where you can engage directly with the transition effort and stay up to date with the latest decisions and announcements as we prepare to open a new chapter of our city's history.

Sign up for email updates, share your ideas for how City Hall could improve the quality of life in your neighborhood, send my team a note, or submit your application to be a part of the new administration.

This is our opportunity to build one New York, where everyone has a fair shot and every family can earn a decent living, send their children to good public schools, and afford to live in their own neighborhoods.

We have a chance to build a city that works for all of us. And, while the challenges ahead will require big thinking and bold solutions, there's nothing we can't accomplish if we do it together.

I ask you to think big with me, and help write the blueprint for progress.

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Watch Election Night with Team de Blasio:

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"Something I feel very strongly is you've got to treat your family and the other people in your life with a lot of love and respect and you've got to treat the society around you the same way. I know people who've done one, but not the other. And I really resolved very early on to try and do both."

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