Here's what happens to New Yorkers when Joe Lhota's Tea Party friends shut down the government:


October 1, 2013



Lhota recently told the Staten Island Tea Party, "My philosophical issues are very close to yours in many, many ways" [SI Advance]. Here's how the Tea Party's government shutdown is affecting New Yorkers:


1. Up to half of the 67,430 New York State workers employed as civilians by the federal government are given unpaid furloughs. [Democratic Chronicle]

2. New applications for Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and food stamps will be delayed. [WNYC]

3. The Statue of Liberty is shut down. [WNYC]

4. Head Start centers serving 51,696 children across New York State may be forced to close. [Metro]

5. Nearly half of the Department of Defense's 11,475 civilian workers across the state may be sent home. [Metro]

6. Many of the 440,685 small businesses in New York State that rely on federal loans will see their credit lines suspended. [Metro]

7. New York State's 22 national parks are closed. [Democratic Chronicle]

8. The Food and Drug Administration will suspend most routine safety inspections. [NBC]

9. The Federal Housing Administration, which guarantees about 30 percent of home mortgages, won't underwrite or approve any new loans. [NBC]

10. Cutbacks at the Department of Education could slow Pell grant and student-loan payments for New York City students. [Mother Jones]

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