Bill de Blasio’s Plan to Revolutionize Public Education in New York State

1. Universal 3-K and pre-K for all of New York State’s children that would provide full-day, free education to young children, giving them strong starts in school and life.

2. Universal extended-day programming for all of New York’s elementary, middle and high school students, providing a safe environment for children during a critical time of development while giving caretakers much-needed relief and peace of mind. 

3. Universal Summer Rising enrichment opportunities for kids K-12, giving every child, and, importantly, the families who take care of them — access to free, full-day education and enrichment programming.

What Will This Accomplish?

Research tells us that there is no more important time in a child’s social and educational development than their early years. It tells us that for every $1 invested in early education, taxpayers save ~$13 long-term. It tells us that when kids have reliable after school programming they’re less likely to commit crimes. And it tells us these programs are POPULAR with overwhelming support of Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.

This is how we give every child a chance of success at life, give working parents peace of mind, and reduce inequality in New York State. 

Available Universe

3-K: 2~170,000 children

Pre-K: ~190,000 children

After school programming: 2.6 million (~725,000 children assumed usage)

Summer Rising for K-12: 2.6 million (~350,000 children assumed usage)

Bill de Blasio’s History of Success 

  • In 2014, the de Blasio Administration won sustained funding for the establishment and implementation of universal pre-K, growing the program to serve nearly 70,000 children.
  • In 2017, the Administration announced the expansion of early education to three year-olds, and by 2021 brought free, full-day, high-quality 3-K* to 40,000 children across all 32 community school districts.  
  • In 2014, the Administration began a massive expansion of quality after school for middle schoolers, ultimately providing opportunities for all 120,000 middle school children in New York City. At the same time, the Administration aggressively increased its elementary afterschool programming.  By the fall of 2021 as the City brought back its school system post-Covid, over 150,000 children were offered extended school day programming. 
  • In 2021, the Administration, via its Departments of Education and Youth & Community Development, innovated “Summer Rising,” providing seven weeks of free full-day summer education and enrichment for any child in grades K-12, and giving families the opportunity to return to work during the City’s critical Covid-recovery effort.  By the first day of summer programming in 2021, one in five public school students or over 200,000 children were enrolled in Summer Rising.

Estimated Cost Across All New York State

$5.4 billion annually

How we pay for this 

New York has 118 billionaires. Billion with a B. Over 50,000 New Yorkers make over $1 million ANNUALLY. We will increase the state’s income tax for everyone making over a million dollars and new brackets for the highest earners to make sure those who can afford it most give ALL New York’s children and families a shot at success while reducing the outrageous levels of inequality in our state.