Affordability & Housing

Mayor de Blasio has fought to make New York City more affordable for all New Yorkers, no matter where we live or what neighborhood we call home.

Record Affordable Housing Creation

Mayor de Blasio’s 10-year Housing New York plan to create and preserve 200,000 affordable homes is the most ambitious program in City history. The plan is ahead of schedule, with nearly 78,000 affordable apartments already financed—enough to house the population of Salt Lake City.

Forcing Developers to Build Affordable

Under Mayor de Blasio, for the first time ever New York City is requiring developers to pay for and build affordable homes in many new developments, with the most progressive Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) policy in the nation.

Freezing Rents for 2.5 Million New Yorkers

Under Mayor de Blasio, the Rent Guidelines Board enacted two consecutive years of rent freezes in 2015 and 2016—the first-ever rent freezes in City history—which kept rent stable for 2.5 million New York City tenants.

Helping Families Stay in Their Homes

Mayor de Blasio has funded free legal assistance for tenants under threat of eviction and new rental assistance programs that have helped keep more than 161,000 households stay in their homes. Under Mayor de Blasio, evictions are down by 24 percent.

Fighting for Homeowners

The Mayor has championed a $183 credit on water bills for more than 664,000 homeowners and worked with FEMA to save 35,000 homeowners tens of millions of dollars in flood insurance premiums.

Helping the Homeless

Under Mayor de Blasio, the City created the Homeless Outreach & Mobile Engagement Street Action Teams (HOME-STAT) program, the largest street homelessness outreach program of any major city in America. HOME-STAT has helped approximately 750 New Yorkers transition from the streets into shelters. Meanwhile, new programs for rental and rehousing assistance have helped more than 57,000 New Yorkers move from shelters to permanent housing or stay out of shelters in the first place.

Veteran Homelessness

Mayor de Blasio’s targeted outreach has effectively eliminated chronic street homelessness for veterans of our armed services, according to the federal government.

Investing in NYCHA

The Mayor committed to across-the-board investments in NYCHA communities, including a $1 billion investment to replace roofs in NYCHA buildings—affecting more than 120,000 residents. The City has also invested millions for additional lights, cameras, and security, as well as new broadband and Wi-Fi.

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