About Bill de Blasio

The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with a disastrous Trump presidency and a rogue Supreme Court,has had a devastating impact on New York City and our country. So many people are hurting. They need leaders who can fight for them—leaders who can get them the help they need now and know how to do it. Bill de Blasio knows how to do it. He has spent over twenty years serving the people of New York City, first as a City Councilmember, then as the city’s Public Advocate, and finally as Mayor for two terms. He has the experience, the common sense, and the fortitude to continue leveraging the power of government to solve our country’s most pressing issues.

A nationally recognized progressive voice, Bill is uniquely well-positioned to take on the fights that matter, especially given the wildly extreme decisions recently issued by the Supreme Court. Bill will aggressively advocate for safe abortion access in every state and for codifying the right to choose in federal law. Bill will also fight tirelessly to break the NRA blockade and pass sensible gun safety legislation. He has spoken strongly in favor of background checks for gun purchases, bans on semi-automatic weapons, and public divestment from arms manufacturers.

Bill has the experience and track record to take on our country’s most existential long-term threat: climate change. He is a passionate supporter of a Green New Deal and the Build Back Better Act. During his tenure as Mayor, he signed into law the historic Local Law 97, which is now on track to create tens of thousands of jobs while slashing pollution from large buildings. He also set in place 100% renewable energy purchasing for city government, divested the city’s pension funds from fossil fuels, and signed an executive order committing New York City to the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement. His knowledge of climate policy will be an essential asset as we seek to rein in greenhouse gas emissions nationally and globally while also building a more resilient and sustainable future. Bill knows that austerity does not work—that investment in people, education, and social services are the way to create a thriving economy that works for everyone. He believes that early education in particular is key to reducing inequality and creating a more level playing field. Shortly after being elected

Mayor of New York City, his administration implemented an entirely new government program: Pre-K for All. Today, nearly 70,000 New York City children enjoy free Pre-K as a universal right, and 40,000 more take part in 3-K, giving them a head start on their education and providing much-needed flexibility and relief to working families throughout the city. Bill wants to build on New York City’s success and make universal Pre-K and 3-K a national model.

Bill will also build upon his successful track record to expand unionization efforts, fix our voting laws,fight for Medicare for All, and build more affordable housing. He is ready to lead on Day One and is better prepared than any other candidate in this race to deliver on a comprehensive progressive agenda in Washington.