De Blasio defends universal pre-K after Adams called it ‘pet project’

De Blasio, who often touts the initiative as a centerpiece of his tenure, claimed he wasn’t familiar with the mayor’s remarks before rattling off several accomplishments in his “very progressive agenda.”

“Well, I didn’t hear anything specific, but I’ll tell you, it’s pre-K and 3k. And in September, 3k is going to be universal and free for every student in New York City in perpetuity,” he told host David Brand, a reporter at City Limits, in an interview aired Sunday.

“Look, I presented a very progressive agenda in 2013,” the former mayor continued. “I said we’re gonna do transformative things to help working people and to fight income inequality.

“We added two additional grades to public education for free. I don’t know what’s more profound than that, so I’ll talk about it all day long.” 

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