Criminal Justice Reform

Mayor de Blasio knows we can stay safe while building a fairer criminal justice system. With record-low crime and fewer inmates, the Mayor has shown we can have less incarceration and a safer city.

Reducing Arrests and Warrants

The Mayor signed into law the Criminal Justice Reform Act, a group of bills to build stronger, safer communities by reducing arrests and incarceration for low-level offenses. These bills allow officers to issue a civil ticket instead of taking criminal action for around 100,000 low-level, nonviolent offenses every year.

Dramatically Reduced Marijuana Arrests

The Mayor changed police practices to prevent incarceration of individuals possessing small amounts of marijuana, resulting in the near elimination of low-level possession arrests that don’t involve public smoking.

Closing Rikers

The Mayor made an historic commitment to close down the jails of Rikers Island in 10 years and create community-based facilities closer to the courts, jobs, families, and support networks of those incarcerated.

Dramatically Reduced Solitary Confinement in Our Jails

Mayor de Blasio banned solitary confinement for inmates 21 and under, putting the city at the forefront of correctional reform across the country. At the same time, the city reduced solitary confinement for all inmates by 60 percent.

Simplifying Bail and Summons

The de Blasio administration created an online bail-payment system, is installing ATMs in every courthouse, simplified the summons form, and added summons date reminders and flexible scheduling. These efforts, plus expanding alternative-to-jail programs, have helped to reduce the number of people in jail on bail $2,000-and-under by 36 percent.

Alternatives to Incarceration

Mayor de Blasio expanded the supervised release program so that 3,000 nonviolent defendants can wait for trial in their communities instead of in jail. The Mayor also opened new drop-off diversion centers for people with mental health needs—giving officers a safe new alternative to arrest.

Re-entry Services for All Inmates

Under Mayor de Blasio, all inmates will receive re-entry support to connect them with jobs and more opportunity, helping break the cycle of recidivism. The city also offers five hours of programming focused on educational, vocational, and therapeutic needs to each inmate every day.

Speeding Up Trials

Mayor de Blasio is modernizing the criminal justice system to speed up trials and reduce unnecessary incarceration—including reforms aimed at reducing criminal case delays and making the summons process fairer and more efficient. Since the Mayor took office, the city’s jail population has fallen 18 percent.

Domestic Violence Task Force

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City has invested nearly $7 million to help ensure domestic abusers are held accountable and to enhance pathways to safety for survivors.

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